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PacBSD, formerly named Arch BSD, began in July 2010 in an attempt to bring the popular pacman to FreeBSD to ease the pain of upgrading and maintaining a system with ports or from outdated packages.


Following the Arch way philosophy, PacBSD is lightweight, flexible, simple and aims to be very UNIX-like. A minimal environment (no GUI) compiled for i386/amd64 architectures is provided upon installation: rather than tearing out unneeded and unwanted packages, the user is offered the ability to build up from a minimal foundation without any preemptively-chosen defaults. Arch's design philosophy and implementation make it easy to extend and mold into whatever kind of system is required, from a minimalist console machine to the most grandiose and feature-rich desktop environments available: it is the user who decides what their PacBSD system will be.


PacBSD will try to be as up to date as possible, but sometimes we may never be as up to date as ArchLinux. There are a few problem with regards to packaging on FreeBSD, mostly which are portability, and patching is needed to get some newer packages to compile and work. However, we will try our best to bring you the latest, most stable packages possible.

Our main freebsd-world package will be compiled from the most recent FreeBSD-RELEASE branch and offer the newest, stable release of world as frequent as needed.


To summarize: While PacBSD is still fairly young and work still being made, we are progressing and will bring the best of both FreeBSD and ArchLinux.