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Package install[edit]

pacman -S package_name

Remove a package[edit]

pacman -R package_name

Update system[edit]

pacman -Su
  • Also sync repos and update
pacman -Syu

Group packages install[edit]

pacman -S gnome
pacman -S kde

Download a package without installation[edit]

pacman -Sw package_name

Install a local package[edit]

pacman -U /path/to/package

Show installed packages with versions[edit]

pacman -Q 
  • Also you could save the list in a file in order to replicate your installation
pacman -Q > installed

Remove a package with all dependencies[edit]

pacman -Rsc package_name

Remove a package and configuration files[edit]

pacman -Rn package_name

Search for a package[edit]

pacman -Ss package_name

Find out which package owns a file[edit]

pacman -Qo /path/to/file

Find out which installed package provides a file[edit]

pacman -Ql 

List orphan packages with no dependencies[edit]

pacman -Qdt

Show package dependecies as tree[edit]

pactree package_name